Construction productivity

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University of New Brunswick


Construction Productivity means various things to various people depending on the view taken. The general definition, output factors divided by input factors, depends on the factors chosen to be included. The most common input factor considered is labour because information on it is readily available. The output factor most often used is the dollar value of construction in place. The author distributed a questionnaire entitled "The Newfoundland Productivity Questionnaire" which asks Newfoundland contractors to rank various parameters as to their level of importance in maintaining maximum productivity. The questionnaire also asks the contractors to rate these same parameters as they pertain to the Construction Industry. A similar questionnaire was distributed in New Brunswick by Mr. Kevin Lemon, P.Eng. The data obtained from the two provinces will be compared. A brief comparison is presented between Canada and the United States by reviewing unit prices. The cities of Rochester, New York and Toronto, Ontario have been chosen because of their close geographical locations.