Golf Device For Above Elbow Amputee

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University of New Brunswick


Prosthetic devices to be used by an above elbow amputee to play golf with have been part of the collaboration between the University of New Brunswick and TRS Inc. Several designs were made over the past years. The objective of this design project is to test two prosthetic devices provided by TRS Inc to conclude which device is better and what aspects or properties need to be changed or developed for the future. An experiment has been designed to test both devices, there are four tests that will be performed in the experiment. An above elbow amputee volunteer will be helping to perform two of the four tests. The experiment will cover the behavior of both devices during performed swings, fatigue of devices, usability and comfort. Material composition of both devices is different and the details were not provided by TRS. Stiffness test have been performed on both devices to find out which device is stiffer. Results acquired of stiffness testing will help in finding how both devices will react, for example during swings or in case of an accidental impact to ground. The market of prosthesis devices is small and the purchase price is high. So, fatigue life test will be made on both devices to ensure both devices will be safe throughout several golf seasons. The Instron machine will be used to test for fatigue life by applying repeated identical loads several thousand times. However, a mounted base will be manufactured to mount devices to it while testing in order to do the test. The volunteer motion will be tracked using motion capture system called VICON, it will help to test for usability and comfort. Retro-reflective markers will be attached to manufactured clips that will be placed on different locations, for example club shaft, volunteer shoulders and prosthetic device. The VICON test will help in finding interesting outcomes, for example stability and consistency, speed and club head speed. Nevada Bob’s golf will help the volunteer to play a simulated golf game, such test will result in analyzing golf ball travel characteristics such as ball trajectory. The simulation will be testing the performance of both devices that will help when comparing both devices. User feedback is an essential tool to improve any product, so there will be a user feedback survey filled by the volunteer. The survey will include feedback on comfort, performance, appearance and ease of use the result of feedback will facilitate the development process.