A graphical interface for resource constrained scheduling

dc.contributor.advisorWaugh, Lloyd
dc.contributor.authorLawson, Rhonda Leigh
dc.description.abstractThis report discusses the development of a graphical interface for resource constrained scheduling. Some programs, such as Primavera, do level resources but these are black boxes. The user inputs the required data, the computer performs the calculations and gives the output. The problem is that the user can not see the calculations that the computer is performing, therefore it is difficult for the user to intelligently modify the output. This process is known as a black box. The interface developed in this report, called RCS(Resource Constrained Scheduling), displays for the user the resource constrained and squence constrained activities. The program allows the user to modify the output to find an optimum schedule. The menu options guide the user through the modification process. Another feature of RCS is that it allows for interruptions in activities as oppose to delaying the entire activity.
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dc.description.noteLawson, Rhonda Leigh (1992). A graphical interface for resource constrained scheduling . (Engineering Senior Report no. T-1556 1992). Fredericton : University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Civil Engineering T-1556 1992 1882/15936
dc.format.extentvi, 30 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.subject.disciplineCivil Engineering
dc.titleA graphical interface for resource constrained scheduling
dc.typesenior report
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