Evaluation of a new tie system for brick veneer/steel stud construction

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University of New Brunswick


A new tie system is proposed for attaching brick veneer to light guage steel stud drywall systems and an experimental program to verify its performance was conducted. Seventy-five tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of the new tie system in compression, tension and vertical shear. Another 100 specimens investigating screw strength were tested under static and dynamic loading. Several recommendations were made for improving the performance of individual tie systems. A full scale test program was initiated. Three test frames were built for housing full scale wall specimens. A load panel was built to apply uniform loads onto the brick veneer to simulate wind loading. One full scale specimen was built and tested to check the performance of the test apparatus. The frame and load apparatus performed adequately. Current design methods for analysing BV/SS walls were investigated. These methods were found to be extremely conservative so a computer model was developed to better predict wall behaviour. This model was able to predict wall behaviour until the veneer undergoes micro-cracking.