Potential of Christmas trees in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


Christmas trees have been a source of supplementary income for rural landowners in New Brunswick for many years. Growing trees is presently a viable industry. Annual production has levelled off at about 1,000,000 trees and marketing methods have improved. There are approximately 500 growers, most of whom are members of growers' associations. The major problem of most growers who wish to increase their production of quality trees is a lack of time. The potential of Christmas trees for easing some of the social problems brought about by lack of work has been neglected. There are two approaches to dealing with the lack of work in New Brunswick: Social assistance and industrial development. Social assistance deprives people of their dignity. Industrial development perpetuates the poverty cycle because of low-wage and low-security employment. If expanded, the Christmas tree industry could support a minimum of 1000 additional people in New Brunswick. Expansion could be brought about by having the development work done for them free of charge. Also, subsidies to woodlot owners for converting woodland to Christmas tree areas should be allotted.