The use of 111In as a probe of magnetic environments in liquids

dc.contributor.authorHarwood, Michael
dc.description.abstractLocal magnetic effects in liquids - specifically an acid solution of indium chloride and molten indium - were studied using 111In as a probe. The gyromagnetic ratio for 111Cd (5/2+) was measured to be 0.310 ± .008. This is within 0.5% of the accepted value and indicates that the accuracy of this experiment is sufficient (although the precision could be improved). The g factor of 111Cd was also measured for a molten environment. The result of 9 = 0.293 ± .011 (or 0.306 with a diamagnetic correction) overlaps the other value and indicates that any change to due Knight Shift or paramagnetic effects is less than 1% and too small to notice.
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dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.titleThe use of 111In as a probe of magnetic environments in liquids
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