An evaluation of pedestrian safety on the University of New Brunswick campus

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University of New Brunswick


Twenty-two pedestrians crosswalks located on the University of New Brunswick campus were evaluated as part of this study. The crosswalks were located on Dineen and MacKay Drives. Data were collected on pedestrian and vehicle volumes and the percent of time that vehicles yielded to pedestrians on the crosswalks. Four major pedestrian crossing areas were identified. Pedestrian volumes as high as 217 and vehicle volumes as high as 173 were recorded during a twenty-minute observation period. A spot speed study was also completed at eight sites on the campus...The average vehicle speed from these sites was found to be 40 km/hr. Vehicle speeds ranged from 19 km/hr to 74 km/hr. The maximum speed limit on campus is 30 km/hr but at present, vehicle speeds are not monitored. The campus roadway network was examined relative to roadway marking and signing. There appears to be an inadequate number of pedestrian crosswalk signs and speed advisory signs. Some of the existing signs were found to be not properly located and the roadway markings were generally found to be in poor condition.