The effects of landfill leachate on the Fredericton Area Pollution Control Commission sewage treatment plant : an update analysis

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University of New Brunswick


This report studies the effects of recent up-grades made at both the Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission (FRSWC) landfill and the Fredericton Area Pollution Control Commission (FAPCC) sewage treatment plant (STP) with respect to the efficiency of co-treating both landfill leachate and municipal wastewater. The FRSWC has incorporated a bailing system for compacting the solid waste before disposing of it. They have also constructed a direct pipeline to a municipal catch basin for transporting the leachate. This replaces the old method of transporting the leachate by tanker trucks. The leachate for 1996 was examined for pH, suspended solids, five day biochemical oxygen demand and net volume generated. These values were then compared to the leachate 1993 results before the up-grades were implemented. The FAPCC STP also implemented several up-grades in hopes of solving the problems caused by the co-treating of the leachate with the municipal wastewater. The major problem was the overwhelming sludge generation which surpassed the capacity of the plant. A complete list of their up-grades is documented in this report. The 1996 STP results of various stages of treatment are examined and compared to the 1993 STP results. Conclusions are made of whether the improvements at both the landfill and the STP were of any benefit. Finally, recommendations are suggested for more efficient leachate management and co-treatment procedures. Note: All the data analyzed are included in the appendices and in the disclosed diskette.