A review of the current design code provisions for nailed joints

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University of New Brunswick


A series of experiments were carried out in order to predict material properties and joint capacities. The capacity of nails loaded with withdrawal with various penetrations were tested. The capacity of laterally loaded double shear and single shear joints were also tested. The 5th percentile adjusted capacities are compared to those in the design code CSA Standard 086.1-94. The mean capacities of laterally loaded joints are compared to predictions from the "European Yield Model" (EYM). The design code values and the EYM predictions were close for the double shear joints. The design code overestimates the joint capacities for single shear joints, while the EYM predictions were quite close to the mean tested values. The withdrawal tests show that the equation used to calibrate CSA Standard 086.1-94 overestimates the adjusted 5th percentile values by a substantial amount. This comparison was based on the equation used to calibrate CSA Standard 086.1-94. The results show a small increase in withdrawal resistance for multiple nail withdrawal at the 5th percentile level. Recommendations are made regarding revision of provisions in the design code. Key words: nail embedment,