An ecologging operation in the Kedgwick Region of Fraser Incorporated's Limits, 1979

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University of New Brunswick


This report is a study of the Ecologging operation of Fraser Incorporated from .June to December, 1979. The operation was located in the Black Brook area near Rapids Depot (Camp 27). It was situated on Fraser Incorporated's limits in north-western New Brunswick. The first section of the report is descriptive. It reviews the history of cable yarding in eastern Canada and gives some background on the methods by which the Kedgwick slopes had been logged in the past. The second section describes the machine Itself and. the layout and operation of an Ecologging system. It also discusses why Fraser Incorporated chose the RMS Ecologging for the Kedgwick slopes. The third section reports on the actual operation and the two main systems used. Each system is considered with respect to the description of a turn, production and cost, and the problems encountered. Finally the conclusions and recommendatIons are summarized. The conclusions contain the opinion of the author relating to the Ecologglng operation while the recommendations point out where the author feels most production is lost and how to improve these aspects.