An analysis of the Koehring prime mover as developed and operated by Great Lakes Forest Products Limited

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University of New Brunswick


The full responsibility for stand establishment of the Great Lakes Forest Products Ltd. crown forest licence is shifting from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to the company. This is due to recent negotiations of forest management agreements between the company and the province. As a result, the firm has developed two prime movers for furrow scarification by converting Koehring KHIIIB Shortwood Harvesters. The Koehring prime mover and barrel and chain scarifier is an effective and flexible combination. However, scarification costs are presently greater than the negotiated rate paid to the company, especially on difficult sites. There is a possibility for a reduction in costs if a modification to harvest layout on poor sites is employed. However, changes in cutting practices will not occur until a greater integration between harvesting and silviculture is achieved within the organization. Key Words: Forest Management Agreement, Koehring Shortwood Harvester, Prime Mover, Regeneration, Scarification, Shark-fin Barrels and Chains, Site Preparation