Subdivision design for the Kingsclear Indian Reserve

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University of New Brunswick


In three years time, the Kingsclear Indian Nation will have developed the remaining available lots that are present on the existing site. However, these lots will not meet the current level of demand. To accomodate the excess demand, a new subdivision has been proposed. The purpose of this report is to determine if the proposed site will satisfy the physical, social and cultural demands of the Kingsclear Indian Nation. A site design is then presented, that include the site limitations, to meet these demands. The site itself is compared to adjacent land uses and exterior factors that may influence the site. The site characteristics are analyzed according to soil subsurface, hydrology, topography and climatic conditions. Once the physical characteristics have been researched the social and cultural aspects are reviewed for negative impacts. Upon reviewing all of the potential factors that can affect the site, a design is presented. It takes into account the Reserve's demands along with the sites limitations and allows for a suitable rate of development. There remains some areas of concern that have not been studied in enough detail. These areas are the soil subsurface, the springs and the proposed Trans Canada Highway. Before the proposed site is developed however, these areas should be investigated to prevent from any problems arising later. This report has determined, the proposed site has potential to become a productive and beneficial component of the existing Kingsclear Community. It has also determined that it is feasible if the site is developed in a phasing pattern.