Public/private partnership highway projects : a decision model

dc.contributor.advisorWaugh, Lloyd
dc.contributor.advisorLloyd, Waugh
dc.contributor.authorBurpee, Colin
dc.description.abstractWith the current economic status of most governments today budgets are being cut as an attempt to lower the public debt. The transportation budget is usually the first to suffer as a result of this budget cutting. With inadequate funding available governments are looking to the private sector for help with constructing and maintaining infrastructure facilities, such as highways. By partnering with the private sector the government receives the facility with little or no public funding. With the increasing use of public/private partnership projects it is important to recognize why governments are turning towards public/private partnerships and understand why the private sector can help to be more efficient in executing these projects. This also explores the advantages and disadvantages of public/private partnership highway projects. These items are considered using a case study of the Highway 104 Project in Nova Scotia. This project was constructed by a partnership between the Nova Scotia government and a private sector consortium. This report will also concentrate on the decision that government must make when determining when to enter into a public/private partnership. The main goal of this report is to develop a system that government can use when considering public/private partnerships. A decision model will be produced to aid in the decision process. This decision model will be a product of the literature review, case study, and interviews that were performed for this report.
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dc.description.noteBurpee, Colin (1997). Public/private partnership highway projects :a decision model . (Engineering Senior Report no. T-1779 1997). Fredericton : University of New Brunswick, Dept. of Civil Engineering T-1779 1997 1882/12667
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dc.titlePublic/private partnership highway projects : a decision model
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