Impact of urban sprawl and Federal Firearms Act (1995) on outdoor shooting ranges in the Province of New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


The new Federal Firearms Act (1995) has generated considerable controversy in Canada, most notably for its requirement for registration of firearms and licensing of gun owners. The Firearms Act also provides for regulations governing the design and construction, and subsequent inspection and approval of shooting ranges. This report reviews the impact of urban sprawl in New Brunswick with a view to determining specifically if urban sprawl has negatively impacted shooting ranges. This report finds that instances of range closures have been the result of urban sprawl, however, the number of ranges in the province has remained relatively constant as the result of new range openings. This report further examines the Canada Firearms Centre Range Design and Construction Guidelines (1999) and their impact on New Brunswick Ranges. Also considered will be the Range Design and Construction Guidelines (2000) for New Brunswick developed by the Provincial Firearms Advisory Committee in response to the Canada Firearms Guidelines, and adopted by the Department of Justice New Brunswick for inspection and approval of ranges in this province. This report finds that in most cases, the new Provincial Guidelines will not negatively affect existing ranges.