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On the Dimensions of Human Capital: An Analytic Framework 91
Virtual Privacy-Preserving IoT Data Analytics Platform with Applications in Smart Metering 67
Thunder in the Argonne! : Alvin York, the reluctant hero : the story behind the man, the myths and the events of 8 October 1918 63
An investigation of civil information modelling (CIM) for the management of civil infrastructure facilities and assets and its value-add potential 62
Mapping Functional Riparian Zones in Agricultural Watershed Using LiDAR and Photogrammetry Methods 61
Change theory and the implementation of the 10-year Education Plan: impacts on educators in the New Brunswick school system 57
Conceptual framework modelling and analysing periurban land problems in southern Africa 44
Booty & Cheeba 43
“...gathering pebbles on a boundless shore...” — The Rum Beach Site and Intertidal Archaeology in the Canadian Quoddy Region (revised and extended version) 41
Global Ionospheric total electron content mapping using the Global Positioning System 38