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Detecting obfuscated malware using memory feature engineering 275
On the Dimensions of Human Capital: An Analytic Framework 266
Image fusion, image registration and radiometric normalization for high resolution image processing 167
Change theory and the implementation of the 10-year Education Plan: impacts on educators in the New Brunswick school system 161
Global Ionospheric total electron content mapping using the Global Positioning System 133
Rule of law, settler colonialism, and overrepresentation of indigenous peoples in the Canadian criminal justice (legal) system: implementation of “R. v. Gladue” in Prince Edward Island (PEI) 128
Virtual Privacy-Preserving IoT Data Analytics Platform with Applications in Smart Metering 114
Thunder in the Argonne! : Alvin York, the reluctant hero : the story behind the man, the myths and the events of 8 October 1918 101
Land registration: Managing information for land administration 100
Conceptual framework modelling and analysing periurban land problems in southern Africa 97