Combining legacy modernization approaches for OO and SOA

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University of New Brunswick
Organizations with older legacy systems face a number of challenges, including obsolescent technologies, brittle software, integrating with modem applications, and rarity of properly skilled human resources. An increasingly common strategy for addressing such challenges is application modernization, which transforms legacy applications into (a) newer object-oriented programming languages, and (b) modem Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Published approaches to legacy application modernization focus either on technology transformation or SOA transformation, but not both. Given that both types of transformation are desirable, it is valuable to explore how to combine existing approaches to perform both transformations types within a single project. This thesis proposes principles for combining such approaches, and demonstrates how these principles can be applied through an example of a combined approach along with a simulated application of this example. The results of this simulated application leave us with considerable confidence that both transformations can be successfully incorporated into a combined project.