Being well in the digital age: a sociological examination of the interplay between the internet and personal well-being in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


The Internet affects, both positively and negatively, the various aspects of personal wellbeing, and given its popularity and pervasiveness, it has become important to examine its effects and to study the implications. This thesis articulates a differentiated approach to the study of the relationship between the Internet and personal well-being. A mixed methods research design helps reveal a complex relationship between Internet use and the different dimensions of personal well-being in New Brunswick. The results indicate that heavy Internet use and its use for entertainment are associated with lower levels of personal well-being, and such socio-demographic factors as income, gender, and age introduce additional dimensions to this association. Because this thesis integrates qualitative and quantitative methods with a nuanced approach to the study of lnternet use, it contributes towards the formulation of new approaches to the methodological framework for examining the relationship between the Internet and well-being.