Dynamics of intraguild predation models

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University of New Brunswick


Intraguild predation combines two fundamental interactions between species: predation and competition, and is very common in nature. The intraguild predation module contains an intraguild predator, an intraguild prey and their shared resource. Both predation and competition occur between the intraguild predator and intraguild prey since the intraguild predator preys on the intraguild prey, and they both compete for their shared resource. It has been recognized that intraguild predation has significant impacts on the distribution, abundance, persistence and evolution of the species involved. In this dissertation, the dynamics of three intraguild predation models are investigated. I show that intraguild predation models can undergo a new global bifurcation, basin boundary bifurcation, and a torus bifurcation. I also show that the time delay in interguild predation models can induce stability switches and chaos. A review of the existing work on intraguild predation is given in Chapter 1. For convenience, some basic mathematical concepts and results on dynamic systems are also given in Chapter 1.