Exploring the attendance and potential benefits of reducing sitting time for residents in a Canadian long-term care setting: a pilot study

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University of New Brunswick


PURPOSES: To assess the attendance of the proposed intervention to reduce sitting time in a LTC facility, and to explore the potential functional benefits. METHODS: The intervention consisted of a team visiting long term care residents to promote standing for 10-minute sessions, three times per day (morning, afternoon, evening), four days per week (Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun), for a period of 10 weeks during the period of May-Sep 2018. The main outcome was attendance. Secondary outcomes included walking speed, leg power and leg strength. RESULTS: The overall attendance was 35% of sessions, highest during the morning session compared with the afternoon, and evening (p < 0.03). Weekdays were more attended compared with Sundays (p < 0.01). There was a significant improvement in the 30 second chair stand test (p <0.05). CONCLUSIONS: Attendance was lower than expected but functional benefits are possible and should be tested with the appropriate sample size and study design.