Modified cellulose filament as adsorbent for removal of methylene blue (MB) and copper ions (Cu2+)

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University of New Brunswick


Rapid economic growth and industrialization have resulted in an exponential rise in the tainting of other elements by heavy metal ions (like Cu2+) and dye pollutants (such as MB). Concurrently, the global management of wood fibre residue has become a significant concern. Therefore, there is an urgent need to conduct a thorough investigation into the potential use of wood fibre residue to efficiently remove MB from water and Cu2+ from the soil. This research seeks to improve the effectiveness of wood cellulose as an adsorbent by amine-functionalizing cellulose filaments. Modified cellulose filaments were characterized using analytical techniques, including FTIR, TGA, and SEM. In conclusion, the amine-modified cellulose filaments are anticipated to demonstrate high efficacy in removing both MB and Cu2+, thus providing a plausible solution to reduce their environmental impact.



soil, cellulose