Electrochemical monitoring of oxide in molten salts

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University of New Brunswick


This work demonstrates an electrochemical apparatus to monitor the concentration of oxide in a FLiNaK molten salt in situ. The apparatus was used to create a calibration curve capable of relating the peak current density measured using square wave voltammetry to the concentration of oxide impurities in the molten FLiNaK salt at 500 °C. This was then used to test the effects of oxygen and moisture in the cover gas on the concentration of oxide present in the molten salt over time. A preliminary design to monitor oxide impurities in a molten NaCl-MgCl2 salt system is also presented. The addition of oxygen and moisture to the cover gas over FLiNaK at 500 ºC demonstrated a measurable uptake of oxide to the molten salt. Up to 19 ppm of oxide was detected in the salt for oxygen containing atmospheres and up to 272.4 ppm for moisture containing atmospheres.