FPGA-based IGBT switching spike removal

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University of New Brunswick


Power converters are widely installed to feed the electrical energy from the distributed generation units into the existing electrical grid. The IGBT-based power converters control the IGBTs, one type of the power semiconductor switches, to form the matched end voltage for the successful power injection. However, the rapid switching with large conducting current of IGBTs results in a large amount of high frequency spikes in the sensor measurement. The presence of the IGBT switching spikes causes the poor operating performance of the power converters and the false detection of the abnormal operating conditions. The present thesis work is devoted to research and development of a new FPGA-based IGBT switching spike removal algorithm to clean these spikes and preserve any other signal shapes. The algorithm is implemented on an FPGA chip. The new version of the interface and protection board with the FPGA chip is to be integrated into the power converter systems