Away but still at home: a history of south shore Nova Scotian Acadians during the second World War

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis focuses specifically on south shore Nova Scotian Acadians. The first chapter discusses Acadian identity and demonstrates their support for the war which derived from wanting to protect their religion. Their connectedness to their communities, fostering of good relations, and support for the nation and Empire is also highlighted. The second chapter then focuses on how Acadian civilians supported the war through community gatherings and demonstrates that their support, which benefited the nation and the Empire, also aided their communities. The third and final chapter highlights how many Acadians from south shore Nova Scotia served during the war and how they were dedicated and patriotic despite facing discrimination. The thesis concludes that south shore Nova Scotian Acadians were motivated to protect their religion as it was being stripped from Europeans. They also recognised the importance of supporting the nation and Empire while at the same time, staying loyal to their communities.