Flexural, compressive, and tensile properties of pultruded GFRP bars

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University of New Brunswick
Glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars are an attractive alternative for steel reinforcement to resist the tensile stresses generated in reinforced concrete members because of their high tensile strength and strong resistance against corrosion. However, unlike steel, GFRP is a brittle material that cause brittle member behavior when used in structural components. To ensure safe and efficient use of the material, it is important to test GFRP in different loading scenarios to fully understand its material properties. In this study, pultruded GFRP bars were tested in flexure and tension according to ASTM standards, whereas in compression, a new testing method was proposed as there is still no standard test method made yet specific for testing GFRP bars in compression. The data obtained from all tests performed were used in a sectional analysis to check horizontal equilibrium in the section, and compare between the moment resistance and the applied moment.