Achieve secure communications for mobile crowd sourcing applications

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University of New Brunswick


Nowadays, almost everyone is carrying a mobile device with them wherever they go, and these mobile devices become a potential mine for user's personal data. Actually, mobile and other wearable technologies are equipped with various sensors that can collect different types of data. With all these sensor-rich devices, we can gather precise and accurate data and can use them to develop useful applications like monitoring traffic density, road conditions, recording census data of a location, etc. Obviously, the data must be extracted, transported and processed in bulk. In addition, since data from handheld devices usually has a location-time stamp attached, if the data is not processed carefully, it can reveal information about the user, like locations visited in the past, etc. Hence, a guideline must be set up to secure communications for Mobile Crowd Sourcing (MCS), so that the required data can be securely gathered for MCS applications while preserving users' privacy who shared the data. Aiming at this goal, in this report, we propose a framework to achieve secure communications for MCS applications.