Site analysis and high tech business park design on the UNB Woodlot

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University of New Brunswick


The University of New Brunswick is involved i n a partnership w i t h the Greater Fredericton Economic Development Corporation. This corporation is interested in developing a portion of University l a n d i n t o a h i g h tech business park. This provided a need for a site analysis and h i g h tech business p a r k design to be performed. F i r s t , a site analysis determined that the site was suitable for development. Then, two typical h i g h tech business park design conceots were prepared based on different site restrictions and occupant needs. These two designs are subject to change based on the occupants and t h e i r specific research and technology needs. A f i n a l layout and design can t h e n be decided. Next, preliminary design of services for these two layouts were prepared. These services are water supply, sewage removal, storm runoff removal, and u t i l i t i e s . F i n a l l y , a development cost estimate was determined based on these typical design concepts.