Cid and the Raiders

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University of New Brunswick


Cid and the Raiders is a short story collection about how changing economic conditions and cultural upheaval caused by the decimation of the rural economy, increased oil work, and reactionary politics challenge working- and middle-class identities. As corollaries to class identities, the collection also addresses masculinities, which are frequently tied up to working- and middle-class identities, and nostalgia, which is an understandable symptom of radical economic and cultural change. Themes explored include the fluidity and contestation of working-class identities; the effects of work and environment on ideology creation; the constructions of masculinity; and nostalgia. The stories map ‘class’ through engagement with previous depictions of the post-cod moratorium and post-oil boom NL in Maritime fiction and art. While sites of migratory work and oil extraction remain a conspicuous absence, images of these sites remain in echoes, symptoms, and hauntings.