Teachers' perceptions on integration of creativity in Saudi schools

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University of New Brunswick


This qualitative study explores how creativity is currently integrated into the Saudi Arabian school system, and how this integration could be further enhanced, from the point of view of seven school teachers in Taif. The main finding of the study indicates that the Ministry of Education has begun to emphasize more creativity in Saudi schools, by promoting pedagogical strategies to foster creativity, allocate programs for gifted students, and develop the curriculum to include higher-level thinking and creativity. However, the efforts are believed to be inadequate and ineffective. The second key finding relates to the identification of a number of strategies and practices that teachers believe stimulate creativity in their classrooms. The third finding relates to teacher training on creativity, which is insufficient. Finally, several obstacles to promoting creativity in the schools were identified, including intensive curriculum, time constraints, massive workload, inappropriate physical school environment and lack of material support. The teachers interviewed offered suggestions on improvements to address some of these issues.