Not only with, but also within technology: The reshaping of New Brunswick teacher pedagogy during the Coronavirus pandemic

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University of New Brunswick


The New Brunswick (NB) Department of Education continues to make large-scale investments in digital technology as tools to safely educate during the COVID-19 pandemic. This intensified turn to technology has generated a wide range of commentary, raising excitement and concern from various voices. Despite a vast narrative since March 2020 around much of the world surrounding the movement to digital spaces in education, there is very little discussion in NB about how these digital tools are creating new learning environments that are reshaping ways of thinking and knowing. As a school district technology coordinator responsible for supporting the use of technology in 69 schools, I offer a unique perspective into the ways these new tools and environments are changing NB education. To better understand the implications of these new digital tools on teaching and learning in NB schools, I draw upon my own experiences, those of NB teachers, and the work of media ecologists. This articles-based doctoral work seeks to deepen the discussion around the impact of this heightened shift to digital media in K-12 education in NB. Education in NB is an interconnected system of partners working together to ensure the success of students. The decisions made by the Department of Education, school districts, and schools affect the ability of the system to achieve its goals, and so I write for these audiences in this work.



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