Bioactivity enhancement of titanium by laser micro/nano surface texturing

dc.contributor.advisorKiani, Amirkianoosh
dc.contributor.authorRadmanesh, Mitra
dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this thesis is to introduce laser treatment for enhancing the surface bioactivity of titanium for bone and tissue implant fabrication. Improvement to the implant performance could immensely benefit the human patient. Bioactivity enhancement of materials is currently an essential challenge in implant engineering. Micro/nano laser surface texturing of materials offers a simple, accurate method to increase the biocompatibility of materials in one single step. In this thesis, the effects of laser power, scanning parameters, and frequency on surface structure and topographic properties are studied. Through bioactivity assessment of treated titanium substrates, it was found that an increase in power and frequency increases the bioactivity of titanium, while a decrease in scanning speed of the laser could lead to an increase in the cell adhesion ability of titanium. Furthermore, cell adhesion proved to be strongest in areas with higher surface irregularities and titanium oxide concentrations.
dc.description.copyright© Mitra Radmanesh, 2016
dc.format.extentxii, 115 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.subject.disciplineMechanical Engineering
dc.titleBioactivity enhancement of titanium by laser micro/nano surface texturing
dc.typemaster thesis Engineering of Science in Engineering of New Brunswick


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