"I'm tough": Acadian women's stories of resilience against the anti-aging movement

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University of New Brunswick


The anti-aging culture has initiated a storm of ageism and discrimination targeting older adults in Canada, and this issue needed examination as it affects their well-being. In this thesis, I explored the experiences of older Acadian women affected by the anti-aging culture. Interviews with five older Acadian women from New Brunswick were conducted concerning their experiences and perceptions of their aging process and attitudes on anti-aging products and culture. Data analysis was conducted by developing themes and threads from the interview data into individual core stories that represented each participant's experiences. Once the individual narratives were made and shared with the women, a collective narrative was developed by combining participants' accounts into a core story that depicted how Acadian women's experiences with poverty, discrimination, shame, positive role models, Acadian pride, and family values impacted the aging process. The development of resilience and a positive view of aging led participants to reject the anti-aging movement.