Transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare: exploring the practices and experiences of care providers

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University of New Brunswick


More youth with complex care needs (CCN) are transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare as a result of complex conditions being increasingly associated with survival into adulthood. Current transition practices are reported as disorganized and disjointed. Consequently, the purpose of this study is to develop a broader understanding of the current transition practices and experiences of providers who support youth with CCN as they transition from pediatric to adult healthcare. This thesis is written in an article-based format with three sections. The first is an introductory chapter that provides background information and situates the current study within existing academic literature. Following this is a manuscript in article format that describes the study. The final section is a concluding chapter, providing an executive summary of the research and conclusions drawn. This is followed by a more detailed discussion including implications for future practice and research, and concludes with a dissemination plan.