Evaluation of audit tools for age-friendly active transportation planning in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis aimed to evaluate audit tools for age-friendly Active Transportation (AT) planning in New Brunswick. The research objectives were to identify and compare age-friendly audit tools for AT infrastructure, assess the age-friendliness of AT in two NB cities, evaluate the outcome of audits for potential engineering decision-making on a micro and macro level, and identify opportunities for tool improvements. The research methodology involved selecting the most relevant tools, pilot testing, and choosing the best tool (SWEAT-R) to evaluate 62 road network segments. The GIS-based tool developed allowed for an objective assessment of age-friendliness. Key findings include the evaluation of Fredericton and Saint John, and the ratio of older adults to the level of age-friendliness in each dissemination area (DA) of these two cities. The study's contribution to transportation engineering lies in its ability to improve engineering decision-making regarding age-friendly AT planning.