Rock and Roll Library Confidential: WILU Ignite Session

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I never enjoyed speaking in front of groups of people. Hated it, really. With enough practice early on in my career, though, I did get past the horror of it all and settled comfortably into garden variety dread. Then, pushing into my late thirties, I started a rock and roll band and, golly, did things ever change. Playing my own music in front of mostly college-age audiences over the past four years radically rewired my performance circuitry. Now in-class teaching is my favourite part of being a librarian. Rocking out prompted much reflection on how to land even the most bibliographically instructional message with shuddering impact. So what I’d like to do in this talk is uncover the hidden relationship between rock star and librarian, one we all suspected existed, maybe even joked about, but never experienced up close. Expect a little song and dance.