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  • Defined chapters or sections of books, usually with a separate title or number.
  • Non-serial publications that are complete in one volume or a designated finite number of volumes.
  • All kind of digital resources contributed to a conference, like conference presentations (slides), reports, proceedings, lectures, abstracts, and demonstrations.
  • Articles. Typically the realization of research papers reporting original research findings published in a journal issue.
  • A digital resource that can be reused to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Preprints are scientific manuscripts that haven't been subject peer-review and have not yet been accepted by a journal, typically submitted to a public server/repository by the author.
  • Reports are separately-published records of research findings, research still in progress, policy developments and events, or other technical findings.
  • Recordings of visual images, usually in motion and with sound accompaniment.
  • Working or discussion papers circulated publicly or among a group of peers. Certain disciplines, for example, economics, issue working papers in series.