Quality of service enhancement for drive-thru Internet

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University of New Brunswick


Drive-thru Internet is a promising technique that exploits the inter-connected roadside access points (APs) to offer Internet access. Although there have been many studies aiming to improve the performance of the drive-thru Internet system, most existing solutions cannot support multiple services (e.g., data, video, and voice) and guarantee their quality of service (QoS) requirements simultaneously. This thesis presents QoS enhancement solutions for drive-thru Internet to enhance the access performance of different applications. We firstly propose an opportunistic vehicle-to-vehicle relay protocol with adaptive modulation to address the relay selection problem of drive-thru Internet. Then, an adaptive collision avoidance with service differentiation scheme is presented to improve the overall network performance with dynamically adjusted medium access control (MAC) layer parameters and support multiple services by assigning an appropriate priority level for each specific packet. We also designed and developed a simulator for comparing and evaluating different QoS schemes in a drive-thru network environment.