A framework to process and exchange logical rules in multiple rule languages

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University of New Brunswick


Web rule languages have been developed for the Web-based interchange of rules, in particular business rules, business policies, and any business or application logic that can be presented with rules. The primary goal of this dissertation is to create methods for rule interchange between selected rule markup languages, as well as to develop a rule engine for a subset of W3C’s RIF language. Logical rule interchange is the act of transforming rules presented in one rule language to another. The rule interchange is done from the Notation3, POSL, RuleML, SWRL rule languages to RIF-BLD. In this dissertation, to enable rule interchange in the Semantic Web, a framework has been proposed. The framework contains different rule grammars, parsers, visualizers and translators as well as a rule engine. A grammar, parser and rule visualizer are developed for each of the N3, POSL and RIF-BLD languages. Also, rule translators from N3, POSL, SWRL, and RuleML to RIF-BLD are developed. As a central component, a rule engine for the RIF-BLD language has been developed. The rule engine comprises both forward and backward reasoning. All the grammars, parsers, visualizers, translators and the rule engine are part of the framework. The translators and the rule engine have been separately evaluated with various use cases and with a case study on the independently provided Port Clearance Rules.