A cloud-based framework for smart grid data, communication and co-simulation

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University of New Brunswick


Renewable energy has caused rapid advancements in electric power systems. The advanced grid is a smart grid with information and communication technologies and bi-directional flow of information. Data in a smart grid aligns with the characteristics of big data. Choosing the most efficient technology to manage data in the grid (real and/or simulation) is crucial to the performance of the grid. This project explores a framework that supports large scale power and network co-simulation and manages communication and data in smart grid co-simulation, real world smart grid systems and a combination of both using message-oriented middleware and cloud technologies. We designed and implemented a framework with RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, OpenDSS, OMNeT++, Apache Spark, Docker and Kubernetes. We evaluate our implementation on accuracy, scale and usability with three applications including a demand-response application based on logistic regression. The results of our evaluation meet the goals defined for the research thesis.