Knowledge of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic use among students in a health occupation program

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University of New Brunswick


The discovery of antibiotics was a revolution in history of medicine and resulted in many lives being saved. We are at risk of losing this advantage due to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Students in health occupation programs need basic knowledge of antibiotic use and AMR if they are to be antimicrobial stewards. This study examined nursing students’ knowledge of antibiotic use and AMR and stewardship using a cross-sectional, descriptive-correlational design. Response rate to the online survey was 8% (N = 25). Associations between knowledge of antibiotic use and AMR and respondents’ perceptions of adequacy of antibiotic education as well as importance of this knowledge for their practice were examined. Findings suggest respondents’ knowledge of antibiotic use (M = 90.7%, SD = 9.4%) was higher than their knowledge of AMR (72.3%, SD = 12.4%). While all respondents reported they had heard about antibiotic resistance, none reported familiarity with the term antibiotic stewardship.