Modeling a campus network and provisioning video and VoIP services

dc.contributor.advisorPochec, Przemyslaw
dc.contributor.advisorDeDourek, John
dc.contributor.authorAlsaiari, Omar
dc.description.abstractCapacity planning is used to predict the characteristics of a new network even before any modifications are made to it. One such scenario is testing to ensure that new services like streaming video or VoIP can be added to a network without affecting any existing applications. We used OPNET Modeler to model a campus network and then tested the network after adding new video and VoIP services. The results show that adding video and VoIP services to the campus network would not degrade other running applications. The highest response time transferring an HTTP object is still only 1.5 ms when the network is running 200 simultaneous video users in the network. The results also show the video delay would be only 3 ms with 500 video users, VoIP delay remains within specifications and is less than 130 ms, and jitter is 0.002 ms, all of which indicate a good performance of the campus network after streaming video and VoIP applications are added.
dc.description.copyright© Omar Alsaiari, 2013
dc.description.noteA Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Computer Science in the Graduate Academic Unit of Computer Science. Scanned from archival print submission.
dc.description.noteM.C.S. University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Computer Science, 2013.
dc.format.extentxi, 76 pages : illustrations
dc.identifier.otherThesis 9243
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.subject.disciplineComputer Science
dc.subject.lcshTelecommunication in higher education -- Computer networks -- Computer simulation.
dc.subject.lcshTelecommunication in higher education -- Computer networks -- Planning.
dc.subject.lcshLocal area networks (Computer networks) -- Computer simulation.
dc.subject.lcshInternet telephony -- Computer simulation.
dc.subject.lcshStreaming video -- Computer simulation.
dc.subject.lcshStreaming technology (Telecommunications) -- Computer simulation.
dc.subject.lcshComputer capacity -- Planning.
dc.subject.lcshUniversities and colleges -- Communication systems -- Design.
dc.titleModeling a campus network and provisioning video and VoIP services
dc.typemaster thesis Science of Computer Science of New Brunswick


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