Mixed reality in precast concrete construction: A case study of quality control inspection tasks

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis explores the potential for improvements in quality control (QC) inspection tasks in precast concrete manufacturing (PCM), which rely heavily on 2D paper drawings. Misinterpretations of these drawings can cause delays and increase costs. To address these challenges, the thesis investigates the potential of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) integrated with Mixed Reality (MR) technology to facilitate visualization of 3D building information models. A case study was conducted at Strescon's PCM facility in Canada, where participants selected from QC inspectors at Strescon, performed QC inspections using both 2D drawings and MR technology. The results of the study reveal the challenges and limitations of implementing MR technology in PCM, and suggest areas for improvement. The study provides insights into the usability and practicality of MR technology in QC inspection tasks, and contributes to the development of more effective approaches for off-site construction.