Province -specific prevalence and factors associated with Canadian cannabis use before and after Cannabis Act and 2 Amendment

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University of New Brunswick


Following the Cannabis Act in 2018, the Government of Canada amended the Cannabis Act (CA2) in October 2019 to encompass additional cannabis products such as edible cannabis, topical cannabis, and cannabis extracts. This study examined factors associated with an individual’s consumption of cannabis in various forms across Canadian provinces over time. National Cannabis Survey (NCS) used for over the years 2018–2020. Chi-square, Multivariate and Multinomial logistic regression tests used to assess cannabis use across Canadian provinces and factors associated with that use. Cannabis use prevalence changed from 15.5% in 2018 (before CA2) to 20.3% in 2020 (after AC2, p<0.0001). Nova Scotia had a higher rate of cannabis use, whereas Quebec and Saskatchewan had a lower rate of cannabis consumption. Overall, the analysis indicated substantial changes in cannabis use after cannabis legalization and AC2 which require consistent monitoring of cannabis use to inform public health practice and policy in Canada.