Nanocellulose application for the production of oil and grease resistant paper

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University of New Brunswick


With more and more demands for green and renewable materials to replace plastics, cellulose paper is back on the central stage as the preferred choice for packaging materials because it is biodegradable/renewable and can be derived from a variety of lignocellulosic resources in nature. However, paper has a number of weaknesses, such as, low oil and grease resistance, and high sensivity to moisture/humidity. In this thesis, a double layer coating technology, consisting of precoating with cationic starch, then a second layer made of nano-cellulose and PVA coating formula, was developed and applied to paper surfaces to produce paper proudcts with excellent oil and grease resistance. The related properties have been characterized. The interactions of cationic starch and nanocellulose are based on electrostatic and hydrogen bondings. The highest oil and grease resistance of the coated paper can reach up to Kit number of 16 (TAPPI test standard). In addition, the strenght properties significantly improved as a result of the double layer coating technology.