Cultivating the soul: a model of presence

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University of New Brunswick


This grounded theory study answers the question “How do parish nurses (PNs) develop their spiritual nursing practice over time?” After research ethics board review, six PNs were interviewed. Data were coded and analyzed until all data fit. An emerging Basic Social Psychological Process (BSPP) called Cultivating the soul to become a channel of God one moment in time explains how PNs use a four-step iterative process to achieve six stages of presence. These include finding favourable environments, trusting in God, deciding to act, and taking a leap of faith. Stages include foundation of God-related beliefs and values, presence with self, presence with God, presence with others, presence with God and others, and channel of God. Memoing and establishing rigor criteria were applied throughout the analysis. Implications include developing spiritual care competencies for education curriculum, client–centered care, and regulation of nurses. Key words: Parish nurse, Spiritual care, Presence, Grounded theory.