The effect of biochar in asphalt mixtures

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University of New Brunswick


This study investigates the effect of biochar in asphalt mixtures. Biochar was added as a filler to the asphalt mixture at 5% and 10% by weight of asphalt binder, and two sources of biochar obtained from two different pyrolysis processes were used in the study. The purpose of the study was to investigate if the addition of biochar would be beneficial in improving the rutting resistance and fracture resistance of the asphalt mixture. Previous studies investigated the effect of biochar on the asphalt binder, but the effect on the asphalt mixture has not been thoroughly investigated, hence the need for this study. From the research, it was discovered that the addition of biochar has the potential of improving the workability of the mix. Also, biochar used as a filler in asphalt could improve the cracking resistance of the mix while causing a detrimental effect on the rutting resistance and the ageing susceptibility of the mix.