RSA cryptography and an RFID system for use in the distribution of petroleum products: (a case study of the Nigerian oil industry)

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University of New Brunswick


The Nigerian Oil Industry is using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to monitor the distribution of petroleum products using oil trucks from the oil depots to the station outlets in the country. In this thesis, we implement public-key cryptography in an imaginary passive RFID system as a cryptographic and authentication mechanism. In our contribution, we designed a back-end database and an end-user platform which allows the end-user to easily create, store and retrieve data from the database. This involves the establishment of a communication between the database and the end-user platform. In our work, the RFID tag transmits and receives data only in ciphertext while the database stores and retrieves data in ciphertext upon successful authentication of the requestor. Data retrieved from the database is displayed in an encrypted form and requires the use of a private key for decryption; the decrypted data cannot be stored in the database but only displayed as a read-only.