Programs SATNAV and LINK descriptions and user’s guides

dc.contributor.authorQuek, See Hean
dc.description.abstractThis supplement describes the changes and improvements to the Digital Data recorder program (RECEIVER) developed originally by Mark S. Lord, and described in Technical Report 88 of the Department of Surveying Engineering, University of New Brunswick. These changes have been implemented in a new version of the RECEIVER program called SATNAV. SATNAV (version 3.0) optimizes the storage of the Doppler data on the diskette and has a realtime majority voting capability for the broadcast satellite message. The following is a list of the new features available under SATNAV (version 3.0). (1) Realtime majority voting of satellite message. (2) Realtime accumulation of 30-second Doppler Counts. (3) Validation of majority-voted satellite message. (4) Verification of 30-second Doppler count sufficiency for pass computation. (5) Optimization of data storage, i.e., choice of saving only the majority-voted file instead of the much larger raw data file. (6) Addition of pass diagnostic messages and improved screen display. (7) Realtime verification of satellite tracked. (8) Manual rejection of satellite pass. A user’s guide to SATNAV is in Appendix I.
dc.titlePrograms SATNAV and LINK descriptions and user’s guides
dc.typesenior report