Cultural Adaptation of a SMS Delivered Weight Management Intervention for Men

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University of New Brunswick


Obesity is a risk factor for adverse health outcomes. In 2018, 26.8% of Canadians were classified as obese. Canadian men have higher obesity rates than women and few interventions target only men. This study aimed to, i) produce a culturally adapted library of text messages, and ii) to assess the acceptability of these texts. Mixed methods approach using semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, and text response data was used. Participants identified as male aged 19+ and owned a cellphone. Follow-up interviews were analyzed using the Framework Approach. Fifteen men participated, 14 completed one-month follow-up interviews, and 13 opted in to receive an additional 8-weeks of texts. Mean intervention satisfaction was 87.4%. Texts were acceptable to all men, and three main themes were identified: outcomes, content, and timing. This study created a culturally adapted library of weight loss SMS which was acceptable to a sample of Canadian men and feasible to deliver.