Exploring the impact of off-site construction on housing supply: A system dynamics simulation modeling approach

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University of New Brunswick


Housing affordability has become a worldwide concern as housing supply has not kept pace with increasing demand. This can be partially attributed to low productivity levels in the construction industry. One way to overcome this is by using off-site construction methods due to their shorter construction times and many other advantages. However, there is a lack of a comprehensive understanding of how off-site construction impacts the housing supply at an industry level. This study bridges this gap by developing a system dynamics model that provides a means of assessing the effects of off-site construction on housing supply. The model offers an opportunity for stakeholders to contemplate changes in the construction industry and examine the impacts of changes on housing supply. For a better understanding of the impacts of factors that affect construction productivity, a case study of a modular construction project was undertaken, and real-world data collected and analyzed.



TECHNOLOGY::Engineering mechanics::Construction engineering