Open-source web GIS for Arctic seafloor mapping: Improving the interactivity of public data dissemination

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University of New Brunswick


The ease-of-use of online GIS software has encouraged many organizations to publish their geospatial data to a web mapping interface. With respect to the field of ocean mapping, this has been a breakthrough towards public accessibility since this data is easy to absorb in a visual format. There is a specific need for a Canadian Arctic-focused web portal which can host a unique dataset collected by the CCGS Amundsen over several decades. This project employs open-source JavaScript to not only display the Amundsen’s dataset on a web GIS interface, but to display it alongside third-party seabed data. The end user can manipulate the datasets using two interactive toolkits. The first is a statistical analysis toolkit which compares bathymetry raster imagepyramids that are hosted using web mapping services (WMS). The second is a three-dimensional visualization tool which virtually draws bathymetric WMS information in the same scene as cross-sectional seabed subsurface data.